COGACollaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism
COGACommittee on the Office of the General Assembly (Presbyterian Church)
COGAColorado Oil and Gas Association (est. 1984; Denver, CO)
COGAConstitution Gardens (US National Park Service)
COGACluster-Oriented Genetic Algorithm
COGACouncil of Ghanaian Associations (Washington, DC)
COGAClyde Old Girls' Association (Australia)
COGACommunauté de Communes du Grand Avignon (French community of municipalities)
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The annual COGA Golf Tournament will offer two flights on Sunday, August 6, and two flights on Monday, August 7.
We encourage everyone able to give to their Colorado neighbors as COGA and so many others so generously have.
Hospitality suites hosted by COGA companies and organizations are held at restaurants on the Mall or in Lower Downtown (LoDo).
Recent findings from the COGA project indicate that the cholinergic receptor genes are involved in theta and delta production (Jones et al.
A comparison of DSM-III-R, DSM-IV and ICD-10 substance use disorders diagnoses in 1922 men and women subjects in the COGA study.
This article describes the COGA study and the methods of genetic analyses used in it, presents some of the phenotypes that were assessed, and includes a brief review of some of the findings regarding these phenotypes.
Because alcoholism is a complex genetic disorder, the COGA researchers expected that multiple genes would contribute to the risk.
see session times, below) MEGA-SESSION Welcoming attendees from both the COGA Conference/Forum and the RMS-AAPG Meeting.
Genetic studies such as COGA, however, may help with this distinction.
This article provides a brief overview of COGA and its design as well as highlights of some of the study's results regarding the prevalence of smoking in families of alcohol-dependent people.