COGAGCombined Gas and Gas
COGAGGas Turbine & Gas Turbine
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7 foot five-bladed low-noise controllable pitch propellers will be able to absorb 59,000 horsepower provided by the COGAG (combined gas turbine and gas turbine) propulsion plant.
Code to Cods and Cogs CODAD COmbined Diesel And Diesel COGAG COmbined Gas turbine And Gas turbine COGOG COmbined Gas turbine Or Gas turbine CODAG COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine CODOG COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine CODLAG COmbined Diesel-eLectric And Gas turbine
Pratt & Whitney's COGAG configuration (combined gas turbine and gas turbine) was better suited for the Skjold applications than the CODOG configurations (combined diesel or gas turbine) offered by others.