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COHEREConsortium for Online Higher Education and Research (Canada)
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Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS(TM)) is a new wireless modulation technology developed by Cohere Technologies that implements a 2-dimensional representation of the wireless channel, making all wireless transmission under any conditions resilient to channel dynamics.
Cohere means to be united and to form a whole, said Antoinette Marie Johnson, CEO and founder of Cohere.
Cohere believes that the addition of Another9 will enable it to better serve its clients by delivering expertise that addresses their ever-evolving challenges, said Cohere chief executive Steven Francesco.
We like to believe that the gestures of the current lyric mode cohere or accrete into significance, and perhaps in the right hands they do.
But attractive sounds alone can't make this collection of disparate pieces cohere.
Others see a grab bag of stated policies and wonder how they cohere.
Although carefully staged and rehearsed by Tina Fehlandt, the ballet failed to cohere.
Eboo Patel: "'Interfaith' is when our experience of the diversity of modern life and our connections to our religious traditions cohere such that we develop faith identities which encourages us to interact with others in intentional and appreciative ways.
It has to be said that the series of potshots Young takes at selected critics, and the simplifications the brevity of his piece necessitates, do not cohere into the demolition job he clearly hopes to achieve.
In "From Hip-Hop to Hittite: Part X," Mason reproduces the healing/saving/claiming "Hittite rant" he created to cohere his fragmented community and kin.
I was writing in segments and not coherently, the same thing that Ralph Ellison was doing, and I worked hard to see if I could get things to cohere and integrate, and I think I did pretty well there.