COIDACompensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (South Africa)
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Case 1 took 2 years to be finalised after the final report was submitted, a typical experience of occupational disease claimants under COIDA.
In a meeting of the Chief of Operations of the Compensation Fund and a Fund medical officer with the Western Cape Provincial Medical Advisory Panel on 18 February 2008 (unpublished minutes), the Fund's officers acknowledged that few, if any, private pharmacies accepted COIDA prescriptions.
COIDA is based on the principle that employees give up their right to common law remedies against their employer in return for a no-fault insurance system.
One effect is to reduce access of workers with suspected occupational disease to private medical practitioners who are reluctant to take on such COIDA patients with only a remote chance of being paid and a good chance of being drawn into unproductive paperwork.