COLFCatholic Organization for Life and Family (Canada)
COLFCity of London Festival (UK)
COLFCommunity of Learners Foundation (Philippines)
COLFCessation of Life Functions
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The booklet is available online by accessing the COLF website.
In March, COLF held its first two-day seminar on the family for an informal information gathering of some three dozen people.
If, as you also say, COLF is an "arm of the CCCB," it is only in the sense that the CCCB is almost an arm's length away from the hand that wrote the statement.
It was issued by COLF, a branch of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) in Ottawa, for the thirtieth anniversary of the publication by Pope Paul VI of his 1968 encyclical Humanae vitae, and was two years in the making.
The Colfs originally intended to make the ranch a place where pack animals from around the world could live, but Steve soon learned that camelids - such as alpacas, vicuna, llamas and guanacos - don't get along with bovines such as cows and yaks.
Train tracks were closed due to landslides, so the Colfs took a commuter plane, a bus and a Chevy Suburban to meet their travel partners at a ranch in the area.
The group included Doug Rhodes, a friend of the Colfs who lives on a ranch in Mexico; Rhodes' stepson; a female friend of Rhodes; a free-lance writer from New Mexico; and David Nelson, a free-lance photographer from New Mexico.