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COLICorporate-Owned Life Insurance
COLICertificate of Liability Insurance
COLICost of Living Index
COLICommittee on Legal Issues (American Psychological Association)
COLIChina Overseas Land & Investment (real estate)
COLIChain O' Lake Internet, Inc. (internet service provider; Michigan)
COLIChemometrics On-line Initiative
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Determination of antibiotic resistance and plasmid DNA profiles of Esherichia coli strains isolated from clinical materials.
coli antibiotic profile reference database was generated from E.
coli colonies turn a distinctive cherry red colour, allowing rapid and easy enumeration of confirmed E.
coli are tolerated in packing plants, raising the chance that clean meat will become contaminated.
The COLI return should show the number of employees that the company employs, the number insured by COLI contracts, the total amount of COLI coverage in force, and the company's name, address and industry.
coli or enterococci are the two FIB used to detect the presence of pathogens originating from fecal contamination.
10] production only in recombinant E coli Br although induction by arabinose resulted in partial reduction of Co[Q.
Escherichia coli is an important member of enterobacteriacae which contains gram negative bacilli.
Aunque Escherichia coli es una bacteria que habita el intestino humano y de animales de sangre caliente y usualmente se comporta como comensal, en las ultimas decadas han aparecido grupos que causan patologias diarreicas, denominadas E.