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COLISAConfederation of Open Learning Institutions of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa)
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Toxicological andbiochemical alterations of Cypermethrin (Synthetic Pyrethroids) against fresh water teleost fish Colisa fasciatus in different season.
The fish, Colisa fasciata (Bengali: Khalse, English: banded gourami) is fried and made into a mash with the roots of the two plants and plants parts of the 12 different spices.
The effect of dietary pigments on the coloration and behaviour of flame-red dwarf gourami, Colisa lalia.
ii) Colisa lalia (Hamilton-Buchanan), 1822 (Common name: Dwarf gourami)
There's a new family member, David Isaac, making David, 36, and Colisa, 34, feel financially squeezed.
Singh SK, Singh SK, Yadav RP (2010) Toxicological and Biochemical Alterations of Cypermethrin (Synthetic Pyrethroids) Against Freshwater Teleost Fish Colisa fasciatus at Different Season.
O desde una perspectiva politica podriamos entenderla como una estrategia que, disolviendo la identidad, juega a una hiper-identidad extrema (maricon, camionera, torta, tortillera, cola, fleto, colisa, pato, trolo, etc.
Empirical evidence is provided from the studies of Macropodus cupanus Valenciennes (12,13), Aplocheilus lineatus Valenciennes (Cyprinidontiformes: Aplocheilidae) (14), Colisa fasciatus Bloch and Schneider (Perciformes: Osphronemidae), Aplocheilus panchax Hamilton-Buchanan (Cyprinidontiformes:Aplocheilidae), Rasbora daniconius Mukerji (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae), Ambassis nama Hamilton (Perciformes: Ambassidae) and Esomus danricus Hamilton (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) (15-17).
Bioaccumulation kinetics and organ distribution of lead in a fresh water teleost, Colisa fasciatus.
Puti Puntius stigma, kholisha Colisa fasciata, shing Heteropneustes fossilis koi Anabas testudineus, tengra Mystus vittatus, taki Channa punctatus and baila Glossogobius giuris were dominant species while bheda Nandus nandus, baim, Mastacembelus armatus shoal Channa striata, magur Clarias batrachus, kakila, Xenentodon cancila were common.
Still, David, a 35-year-old employee of Apple Computer, and his wife, Colisa McFadden, 33, a self-employed accountant are ready to take the plunge into the investment world, with a view to building a fund for daughter Mariah's education.
Effect of dietary on growth, ovarian development and fecundity in the dwarf gourami Colisa lalia (Hamilton).