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COLLIDECollisions Into Dust Experiment
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About the Collide Center The Collide Center aims to support emerging technologies and to develop innovative industries within the City of McKinney by providing a range of services to entrepreneurs and start-ups.
Collide is a showcase festival staged by Birmingham city council for black and Asian artists based in the city.
Within auroral ovals, some 100 to 1,000 km (62 to 620 mi) over our heads, high-energy electrons from solar plasma collide with air molecules in Earth's upper atmosphere.
Ideas Collide works together with Komen CAN AZ in planning strategic communications, coordinating with the Arizona media, developing creative direction for events and initiatives like the Susan G.
But this pool whiz also knows that if he were to hit the cue ball so that it collides on an angle with the colored ball, both balls would deflect in a V-shape, or 90[degrees] angle (see Nuts & Bolts, right).
Most volcanoes are located in areas where the large plates that make up Earth's surface continually collide with each other or pull apart.
The cash is from Birmingham-based organisation Collide, backed by the Arts Council, for projects to showcase at The Collide Festival in the city next March.
asked Sanger who noted that the report recommends the federal government maintain, clarify and strengthen current reservations and exclusions for social policy to "ensure these two worlds do not collide and domestic social policy priorities take precedence.
River Severn, December 1991: Major signal fault causes two Cardiff-bound trains to collide in tunnel, injuring 185 people.
Nepris was one of the first tenants of The Collide Center," said John Valencia, McKinney Economic Development Corporation.
Several billion years from now, scientists predict, the galaxy and the Milky Way will collide to become a single, giant, elliptical galaxy.