COLOPCollection Opportunity
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Supply of cash consumables, which are described in detail as quantity and technical characteristics in Appendix 1 - "Technical Specifications", Section I - regarding lot 1 and pictures of the goods to it (Cartons for precious items - 70000 pcs; 30 000 m Teflon tape 30 m Ethyl alcohol spirits 96% to 40 l Coin cloth bags 2 000 pcs 20 kg cloths Isolearbund 10 pcs Capron chips 20 Gloves of trico-100 pairs; Twine twisted - hemp-20 pcs; Carved knife-500 pcs; Dapper trombone TRODAT-20 pcs; Tape pads COLOP E10-30 pcs.
Coleoptera: Coccinelidae), colops Collops femoratus Schaeffer (Coleoptera: Melyridae), Chinche asesina Sinea sp.