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COLORCorporation for Laser Optics Research (Portsmouth, NH)
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A bed-quilt made of patches of different kinds and colors of cloth, all neatly sewed together.
With quick, nervous movements among his array of test-tubes, he turned a white solution to a wine color, and a light yellow solution to a dark brown.
It was indeed startling, the sudden transition from void to light and form and color.
Without light, we can see neither colors nor objects themselves.
We do not see the other colors because they are absorbed.
Where, at first, it absorbed all colors from the light but red, its molecular structure was so changed that it absorbed red and all colors except blue.
This pattern, and the colors, yes, I will tell the Emperor without delay, how very beautiful I think them.
We shall be much obliged to you," said the impostors, and then they named the different colors and described the pattern of the pretended stuff.
asked the impostors of the Emperor's second ambassador; at the same time making the same gestures as before, and talking of the design and colors which were not there.
And accordingly he praised the stuff he could not see, and declared that he was delighted with both colors and patterns.
Custom color concentrates in all thermoplastics, especially engineering materials.
Many homeowners will want to do one wall within their living space (in a strong color) and perhaps do the other three walls in a neutral or white shade or in a very pale, pale color.