COLPANational Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs (New York, NY)
COLPACoarctation of the Left Pulmonary Artery (congenital malformation)
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COLPA was the most formal strategy of Orthodox leaders seeking funding for day schools, though the pursuit of public support was driven as much by a critique of Jewish communal priorities as it was by an ideological commitment to public funds for religious schools.
Mientras los distritos de San Rafael y Mosca se asemejan a Pasco (grupos Yarush); los pueblos que conforman el distrito de Colpas pronuncian como en la zona sur de Dos de Mayo (zona alta del grupo Yacha), asi como Margos y Chaulan (grupo Kerosh).
Senior Emily Colpas stood up and addressed her teammates.
Colpas was one of several Mountaineer swimmers who mentioned the Olympic champion.