COLREGInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
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The COLREGS and the International Maritime Organization III.
As such, autonomous UMV will not have to comply with the COLREGS as they are written.
Priorto at-sea testing, Leidos conducted more than 26,000 simulation runs modeling more than 750 different meeting, crossing and overtaking scenarios in its System Integration Laboratory (SIL) to demonstrate that the autonomy suite would direct actions in accordance with the COLREGS for avoiding collision.
3d at 1103-04 (explaining relation of COLREGS to SUA and UNCLOS).
Being able to demonstrate satisfactory autonomous operation that meets the COLREGs is also pivotal to maritime safety.
The project also hopes to carry out comprehensive machine execution of the COLREGs and demonstrate these in part in real-world representative sea trials.
Chinese vessels arguably violated both the COLREGs and Article 94 of UNCLOS in the 2009 incident with a U.
Whether or not the RMS is required to comply with the ColRegs requirements, those in command of the launching platform and the unmanned system have a duty to act with due regard for the safety of others on the high seas--a duty imposed by both the ColRegs (Rule 2) and the Law of the Sea.
Given the characteristics of the system, the ColRegs requirements might not be onerous.
70) An issue remains about whether the PLAN adheres to the COLREGS as well as CUES.
China and the United States are already parties to the October 1972 multilateral convention on the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (commonly known as the COLREGs or the "rules of the road"),71 as well as the multilateral Code for Unalerted Encounters at Sea (CUES),72 a voluntary code produced by the Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS),73 and the 1998 bilateral U.