COLREGSCollision Regulations (aka NAVRULES)
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In light of the foregoing analysis, the Tribunal considers China to have repeatedly violated the Rules of the COLREGS over the course of the interactions described by the crew of the Philippine vessels and as credibly assessed in the two expert reports.
Metrics (Real-time Autonomy COLREGS Evaluator [RACE])
As such, autonomous UMV will not have to comply with the COLREGS as they are written.
3d at 1103-04 (explaining relation of COLREGS to SUA and UNCLOS).
Being able to demonstrate satisfactory autonomous operation that meets the COLREGs is also pivotal to maritime safety.
Soviet INCSEA agreement was signed, the October 1972 multilateral convention on the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (commonly known as the COLREGs or the "rules of the road") (105) (see discussion in "Background") did not yet exist.
Finally, the Ninth Circuit upheld the lower court's conclusion that because Sea Shepherd deliberately navigated close to other ships, it violated COLREGS.
The ColRegs apply to "all vessels on the high seas," and they define "vessel" as including "every description of watercraft, including nondisplacement craft and seaplanes, used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water.
Chinese incident at sea in China's EEZ violated the COLREGs and Article 94 of UNCLOS, see Jonathan G.
75) Issues remain about the PLAN's and China Coast Guard's adherence to the COLREGS as well as CUES and how U.
The Defense Department reported to Congress in June 2014 that the PLAN's action was inconsistent with the COLREGS.