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COMACache-Only Memory Architecture
COMACommittee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy (UK; disbanded in 2000)
COMAColorado Music Association
COMACache Only Memory Access
COMACongenital Oculomotor Apraxia (ophthalmology)
COMACourt Of Military Appeals
COMAConnecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (Croton-on Hudson, New York)
COMACommunication Analysts (consulting firm; Singapore)
COMACentral Ontario Musicians' Association (Canada)
COMACometary Mass Analyzer
COMACommunity of Malta Artists
COMACouncil Of Maritime Affairs (Canada)
COMACentral Atlantic Orientation and Mobility Association
COMAControl Of Major Accidents
COMACentral Ordering & Monitoring Agency
COMAConstantly on My Ass
COMACommercial Online Multimedia Applications
COMACarlton and Ottawa Mathematics Association
COMACoupling-Of-Mode Analysis
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The coma patients underwent brain scans after all sedative drugs were out of their bodies.
Vincent said: "Greg passed away a few weeks later and never came out of a coma.
The galaxies aren't scattered around the cluster haphazardly, as would be expected if they were new arrivals falling into Coma randomly.
As part of our dissemination of information strategy, we have launched a Twitter account, where peer-reviewed scientific publications of relevance to coma and disorders of consciousness are discussed.
News of his surgeries came out and his artificial coma stretched on for weeks then several months as the prognosis looked grim.
His management company con-firmed he had left the hospital in Grenoble and was no longer in a coma.
au, reports have revealed that Schumacher, who had been in coma since hitting his head on a rock during a skiing accident on 29 December, can now hear voices, respond to touches and communicate.
82, in 30cmT, f/10 x95, bright and easy shining with an overwhelming appearance, outer coma is very hazy with a misty and washed-out effect, small very bright core, but not quite star-like, size of the core estimated as 0.
His condition grew steadily worse and finally he lapsed into a coma.
The new Aberdeen Coma Science Group - believed to be the first of its kind in Scotland - hopes to provide greater insights into coma patient awareness.
The COMA paintings might have been yet another example of contemporary art esoterica (work overcomplicated by a surfeit of obscure source references) if not for the fact that we know that the movie poster is right there, underneath.
She knew the pin number of her ATM bank machine, knowing that after being in a coma for a couple of weeks, we knew that that was still Tricia.