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COMAComponent Object Model Administration
COMACache-Only Memory Architecture
COMACommittee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy (UK; disbanded in 2000)
COMAColorado Music Association
COMACache Only Memory Access
COMACongenital Oculomotor Apraxia (ophthalmology)
COMACourt Of Military Appeals
COMAConnecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (Croton-on Hudson, New York)
COMACommunication Analysts (consulting firm; Singapore)
COMACentral Ontario Musicians' Association (Canada)
COMACometary Mass Analyzer
COMACouncil Of Maritime Affairs (Canada)
COMACommunity of Malta Artists
COMACentral Atlantic Orientation and Mobility Association
COMAControl Of Major Accidents
COMACommercial Online Multimedia Applications
COMACentral Ordering & Monitoring Agency
COMAConstantly on My Ass
COMACarlton and Ottawa Mathematics Association
COMACoupling-Of-Mode Analysis
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The quantity surveyor received a blow to the head and was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery and has since been in an induced coma.
On Sunday evening, his family said on social media that he had been taken out of the coma.
The visible coma from the comet is proof that this is the oldest one observed, the team said.
The teen, who is believed to have suffered serious injuries to his head, chest, pelvis and legs, was put into an induced coma before being flown to the RVI in a journey that took just 10 minutes.
The study group comprised of consecutive 100 children with coma, between the age group 2 months and 12 years, who were admitted in PICU of Guntur Government Hospital.
It was hoped Harri would be brought out of the coma.
Efforts to gradually rouse him out of the coma were set to begin yesterday but have been delayed because he had a temperature.
The GNAAS doctor-led trauma team induced her into a coma before flying her to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.
The research included 27 coma patients with severe brain injuries and 14 healthy people of the same age.
Last year, another team found 47 ultra-diffuse galaxies in the Coma cluster (SN: 12/13/14, p.
Schumacher had emerged from his six-month long coma and transferred from a French hospital to a rehab facility, but some doctors have expressed doubts that the German racer would make a full recovery.
Schumacher's condition stabilized after he was placed in the coma.