COMECECommission des Episcopats de la Communauté Européenne
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Patrick Daly COMECE general secretary told Catholic News Service that the quotas were an attempt by the commission to resolve the problem at a European level and was therefore an expression of the Catholic principle of solidarity
For COMECE statements on the EU project beginning in 1997 see http://www.
For example, the EHF, the main humanist organization, criticized COMECE and CEC, the main Christian organizations, for their coordinated lobbying efforts, (48) but the federation itself was engaged in a very active campaign asking the EU to guarantee its secular character: numerous memorandums, statements, papers, as well as petitions, letters and press releases were issued, addressed to the EU institutions, to the member state governments or to the general public.
See also COMECE, Global Governance: Our Responsibility to Make Globalisation an Opportunity for All, http://www.
Mr Barroso to meet COMECE delegation (Commission of Bishops' Conferences of the European Community)
Catholic bishops lobby COMECE sent EU Council President and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Junker a letter highlighting its concerns.
Friday 29: Mr Prodi receives the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and Mesrob II, Patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church; Official visit by Mr Nielson to Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali (29-05); Mr Lamy meets members of the government in Mozambique (29-30); Mr Prodi attends the plenary meeting of COMECE (Commission of the Bishops' Conference of the European Community) and the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Erasmus programme (Universite Libre in Brussels); Visit by Mr Barnier to Bavaria for talks on Structural Funds; Mrs Reding attends the informal and enlarged conference of Education Ministers (Copenhagen)
Gioia Scappucci, speaking for COMECE (the EU bishops' conference), called for research in this area to go hand in hand with proper reflection on the concept of human dignity.