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COMINTCommunications Intelligence
COMINTCommunications Intercept (less common)
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The COMINT provided by the 3d PRS also increased understanding of Japanese air defenses and enabled planners to develop tactics to thwart the enemy.
Seeking to move intelligence directly to the cockpit, in February 1953 the USAFSS installed a COMINT collection position on a C-47 airborne tactical air control center.
The COMINT summary of 16 November associated unspecified carrier divisions with the 1st Destroyer Squadron, in the Mandates.
Radio operators in tactical units generally failed to acknowledge radio communications' vulnerability to COMINT.
This worldwide network of COMINT programs is believed to intercept all forms of global communication, including land-line and cellular telephone calls, satellite communications, electronic mail, facsimiles, and various forms of radio transmission.
The RC-135V and RC-135W are related, although the RC135W is reported to have a slightly reduced capability in terms of ELINT, in favour of enhanced COMINT coverage.
The current ARL program is based on the De Havilland DHC-7 platform end includes 4 onboard operator positions with EO/IR, COMINT and SAR/GMTI sensors.
Software-based products allow you to have a single system to address multiple missions, versus having a collection of 'stovepipe' systems to look at specific kinds of emitters," said Spectrum Signal (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) CTO Lee Pucker, who said that COMINT and ELINT products nevertheless remain distinct, with different architectures, different bandwidths, and so on.
The portable and rugged RTR 2623 recorder is a grab-and-go portable recorder suitable for mobile military, security and government intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT and ELINT) applications.
The LEMV is an un-tethered dirigible that contains five FMV feeds, COMINT sensors, a DMTI capability, and WAAS.
I participated in intelligence activities during my career, first in submarines supporting the collection of COMINT and SIGINT (communications and signals intelligence), and later in direct HUMINT (human intelligence) collection as a Defense and Naval Attache.
Unlike the Air Force or Navy, which mainly needs ELINT [electronic intelligence], the Army is more interested in COMINT [communications intelligence] when committing land forces," explains Colonel Degoulange, commanding officer of the 44th Signals Regiment.