COMISAFCommander of International Security Assistance Force
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In the Afghanistan area of responsibility, the COMISAF / commander of US Forces-Afghanistan is the joint force commander.
Following the June 2008 Joint Assessment and Concept of Operations for Enhanced Security in Ghowrmach District, COMISAF approved the emplacement of a Mabey & Johnson Military Logistic Bridge, which would improve freedom of movement along Highway 1 in Regional Command West.
With the support of troop-contributing nations and contractors, force-tracking systems interfacing with TMCC will provide the visibility that the COMISAF needs in order to ensure freedom of movement in Afghanistan.
The TCE CSOC support element works with other government agencies at the CSOC to provide COMISAF and CJ2 with an aggregate human terrain picture.
The CSOC elements gather, review, analyze, and report information to COMISAF, providing him with an in-depth understanding of the population's perceptions and their potential impact on ISAF's strategy and operations, and those of its Afghan partners.
The COMISAF uses these themes to reach the military end state: creating a safe, secure environment sustainable by and for the Afghan people.
Does COMISAF particularly care how many sorties the CFACC generates in a day or the number of bombs his aircraft deliver?
military commanders on the ground, in turn, talk about transition--which COMISAF General Allen has called "the linchpin of our strategy" (25)--they generally mean not the strategic-level policy decisions but rather the growing capabilities of their Afghan counterparts, and the corresponding evolution of the role of their own forces.
subject: COMISAF's Counterinsurgency Guidance (27 July 2010) [hereinafter COMISAF COIN Guidance Memorandum].
See also COMISAF COIN Guidance Memorandum, supra note 17 (stating that "[i]n the absence of orders, figure out what the orders should have been and execute them aggressively.
COMISAF will also focus on strategic political-military mission aspects, coordinating ISAF operations with Afghan security forces and other international organizations.
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