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You cannot blame the commies for returning to the successful formula of backing a millionaire businessman as Vass had turned out to be good president and the party leadership knows that after the Tof fiasco, it would take a few decades, if not centuries, before people voted for an Akelite to run the economy again.
These days, East and West Coast sophisticates can laugh about right-wing rubes who associate Commies with Jews, but when and how did gays get into the mix?
Commies SHOULD HAVE APPEARED LONG ago but proves well worth the wait.
BEING an establishment that has always warmly embraced what the comrades describe as "sterile anti-Akelism" we have to express our unadulterated disgust at hearing the commies give us lessons in human rights and individual freedoms.
A noble outburst which probably led to her and Philip having permanent separate bedrooms so he could get away from that "daft, commie bint.
These "revellers" are the same far left commie agitators who infiltrated many trade unions including the miners' strike.
Stephen Vittoria's docu about Mumia Abu-Jamal--unrepentant commie cop-killer to some, political martyr to others--makes no bones about its allegiance.
If, as you tell us, Castro's Commie dictatorship is such a brilliantly well-run paradise where the lucky citizens are blissfully happy - how come so many of them risk life and limb to escape to America?
If you like your action really dumb, don't miss RAMBO, as the 60-something, acting-nothing Sylvester Stallone pulls his bandana on and wades in to kick some more Commie ass in the jungle.
He was always more of a caudillo--old-fashioned Latin dictator--than a commie, and from this simple error in perception has sprung an unbroken forty-eight years of monumentally stupid foreign policy.
In particular, Around the World II's Polish extravaganza follows Ed Selego, Justin Strubing, Mike Rusczyk, Stefan Janoski, Kristian Svitak, and Aaron Suski as they terrorize all of the buffed marble monuments of Warsaw's former Commie Block terrain.