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COMMUTECommon Methodology for Multimodal Transport Environmental Impact Assessment (EU urban planning strategy)
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According to a recent survey, a significant number of people claimed that short commute makes them happier than having sex.
When asked about their stress levels stemming from commute, here is how U.
Bus commuters feel the negative impacts of longer commute time more strongly than users of other modes of transport.
Smart Commute Week reminds us of the importance of sustainable commuting and the actions we can all take to help reduce emissions and congestion.
The report reveals that a surprising number of New Yorkers commute within their own borough and identifies this as a growing trend among city residents.
Lengthy commutes have already been linked to poor mental and physical health, including hypertension, obesity, low-energy and illness-related work absences.
The survey found the length, and cost, of a commute was highest in London with those travelling to or in the capital spending more than 13,000 hours commuting in a lifetime.
Studies show that people can enjoy commutes as long as 45 minutes, but the keys are predictability and, in some cases, interaction with mobile devices or satellite radio.
Proof: Let ( denote the set of all vertices in which do not commute with .
Commute times for women peak in their late 20s, at 54.