COMOPTEVFORCommander, Operational Test & Evaluation Force
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COMOPTEVFOR s mission is to provide operational assessments of systems under test through mission-based test design, integrated test techniques and best evaluation practices, according to its Web site.
As a result of many of the causal factors previously discussed, the competing demands on resources for operational test and initial tactics development, the current fleet demand for systems, and the overall complexity of the new systems, COMOPTEVFOR cannot do its tasks alone nor put out required initial guidance in the timeline currently desired.
PMW 146 will complete technical evaluation, followed by Multi-Service Test and Evaluation led by COMOPTEVFOR with representatives from the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force, as well as an operational evaluation before we put the spacecraft in full operation.
We learn a lot from these assessments, which are summarized using COMOPTEVFOR reporting standards so everyone has a common context.
The Department of Defense Operational Test and Evaluation office concurred with the COMOPTEVFOR finding in a subsequent memorandum to the Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation.