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The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is compared to the scalar companding system based on the G.
For the coefficient z satisfying [absolute value of z] [greater than or equal to] T(p, q), the companding error e between z and z' is given by
4 CCDF for DWT/DCT with 64DAPSK/64QAM for no companding, companding and exponential signals In figure 4, the continuous line graphs represent the complementary cumulative distribution (CCDF) vs.
This unit is called companding transform (CT), which will be addressed in the next section in detail.
The aim of this study is to gain the advantages of KHN circuit structure, log-domain characteristics and companding idea listed above.
Companding schemes offer the advantages of low implementation complexity and capability of efficiently trading between PAPR and BER.
On the other hand, clipping and companding are low in complexity but cause significant signal distortion, that results in degraded error performance and spectral regrowth.
In (9)-(10) parameter tmax denotes the maximal amplitude of the optimal companding quantizer for the unit variance and its values, depending on the number of quantization levels, can be find in [12].
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The signal distortion algorithm limits the OFDM signal below a given threshold by nonlinear distortion and includes: signal clipping [7] and companding transformation [8].
We choose to use the logarithmic companding quantizer with u compression law within DPCM system, due to its robustness.
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