COMPSACComputer Software and Applications Conference
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The theme of this year's COMPSAC is "Mobile and Cloud Systems -- Challenges and Applications".
In Proceedings of the 31st Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference--Volume 02, COMPSAC '07, pages 729-736.
Edited versions of selected papers from a 2002 IEEE COMPSAC workshop held in Oxford, UK, together with several additional papers on state- of-the-art topics, cover key developments, directions, and challenges for securing the semantic Web, managing and enforcing security policies, and securing emerging systems such as multimedia and collaborative networks.
As computer systems and software applications continue to become more complex and evolve into the fast emerging mobile and cloud platform, COMPSAC has been evolving too, to offer the richest possible technical contents that feed participants a well-balanced coverage of interrelated technical issues," said Carl Chang, the COMPSAC Standing Committee Chair since 2006.