COMPTUEXComposite Training Unit Exercise
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COMPTUEX is the second of three at-sea exercises designed to prepare Bataan's crew.
There is a short turnaround after that because COMPTUEX is the Navy's certification for my strike group and most of March is booked with a Marine certification exercise.
The sleep debt I had acquired over the course of COMPTUEX was not alleviated by my six-hour sleep.
After HARP, Air Wing Fallon, two TSTAs and a COMPTUEX, you intimately know each of your squadron's aircraft.
We had been operating on all cylinders and at full speed for several months, completing those buzzword exercises that every squadron hears near the end of an inter-deployment training cycle (IDTC): TSTA, COMPTUEX, Fallon, and JTFEX.
The Denver supply team takes a brief moment out of their busy COMPTUEX schedule to form-up.
Around 2300 one night and half way through COMPTUEX, I was in my shop doing four 30-day inspections on oxygen-mask assemblies.
Milius warriors are doing a fantastic job both in their rates, as exemplified by our outstanding participation in COMPTUEX, and as being shipmates," said Commanding Officer CDR Jeffery A.
The squadron just had returned from COMPTUEX, and we were finishing the holiday leave period.
After an accelerated COMPTUEX and JTFEX, our squadron was on a 96-hour tether for deployment.
COMPTUEX, conducted primarily in the Puerto Rican operating area, was the battle group's intermediate phase of pre-deployment training.
At the end of the day, I had cost the air wing a sortie on the most important day of COMPTUEX, my squadron a jet to flow into a subsequent event, and $5,000 worth of damage to our sister squadron's TACTS pod.