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COMRCloak of Magic Resistance (NetHack)
COMRCommercially Owned, Military Registered
COMRCombinatorial Organic Materials Research
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WERA staff coordinated the process of household recruitment, which involved COMR methods to contact local households (Heaney et al.
2008), the COMR recruitment effort can be viewed as a success.
The partnership between grassroots WERA community members and academic researchers to implement WERA's COMR model reduced residents' mistrust of the research process, led to participation by a population not often trusting of scientific research, made operational an innovative community-driven approach to collect data in communities lacking basic amenities, revealed a disconnect between neighborhood water and sewer system conditions and local public health compliance, enforcement, and assurance actions, and ushered in national policy discussions with WERA about use of COMR and community-facilitated strategies by U.