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CONADContinental Air Defense Command
CONADContract Administration
CONADConsolidated Administration
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Keeping in mind the lack of sufficient scientific evidence and that Ayahuasca has been used for centuries and has not shown damaging health effects, and considering the terms of CONAD Resolution 05/04, the use of Ayahuasca by minors under 18 (eighteen) years old is left up to the deliberation of the parents or legal guardians, within the domain of adequate exercise of parental rights (article 1634 of the Civil Code); and with reference to pregnant women, they themselves assume the responsibility for deciding the degree of their participation, always attentive to protecting the development and personality structure of their underage and unborn children.
000) in 2008-2009 Crai 545 Panorama 884 Sisa 1,411 Rewe 1,525 Despar Servizi 1,691 Bennet 1,707 Interdis 1,860 Gruppo Pam 2,076 Iper 2,076 Sma 2,083 Carrefour 2,112 Auchan 2,207 Selex 3,371 GS 3,590 Esselunga 4,261 Conad 5,043 Coop (super) 6,736 Source: Nielsen Consumer Panel2009 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Address : Project Implementation Unit, Street: Andon Zako Cajupi, Conad Building, Third Floor
Soon, the pretending evolved: The CONAD staffs were providing the calling children not just with bowlful-of-jelly replies to their inquiries, but also with informational updates about Santa's progress as he made his way around the world.
Table 173: Conad Consorzio Nazionale: key facts 243
Hand Held Products has an extensive client base across many different markets, including: United States Postal Service, DPD, Deutsche Bahn, TrenItalia, Siemens, WH Smith, Specsavers, Conad, and Heineken.
Table 118: Conad Consorzio Nazionale: key facts 155
NYSE: SBL), The Enterprise Mobility Company(TM), today announced that Conad del Tirreno, a large Italian cooperative supermarket, has put in place a mobile computing solution for the management of delivery containers from its warehouses to its sales outlets.
International branding consultancy Identica have designed an extensive range of premium food and beverage products for Italian grocery cooperative Conad as part of the company's aim to represent all the Italian regions through their most traditional foods.
International branding consultancy Identica have designed an extensive range of organic products for Italian grocery co-operative Conad, as the company looks to meet the growing demand for organic food in the country, in light of concern about BSE.
Nasdaq: DMAN), the collaborative optimization network for retailers and consumer products companies, today announced that Conad del Tirreno, a leading grocery cooperative in Italy, has renewed its subscription of DemandTec's Everyday Price Optimization software service.