CONAESCommittee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems
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A CONAES (2004) confirma esses principios ao preconizar a avaliacao como abrangente e forte de aperfeicoamento academico, recuperando o escopo essencial do processo avaliativo.
CONAES (Mexico) supported Colgate Palmolive in implementing country-specific HIV workplace policies.
In 2006, CONAES identified its primary goals for the upcoming year: all of its members to have an HIV-specific workplace policy.
CONAES and its implementing partners took the lead and worked with Impulso to further strengthen and develop their skills and knowledge in policy development.
CONAES has worked with all these companies over the last three years on HIV and AIDS workplace programmes.
CONAES (Mexico), JaBCHA (Jamaica) and FUNDEC-VIH (Guatemala) offer their members an economic and demographic model designed by Constella Futures to help managers analyze how HIV affects their business and develop a specific training curriculum for companies based on the outputs of the model.