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CONAFORComisión Nacional Forestal (México)
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CONAFOR also makes use of a satellite system to measure heat levels in various regions that would be prone to fires.
On the other hand, the CONAFOR, working with World Bank funding, has been quite active since 1997 in trying to promote indigenous forestry
In its official documentation, the commission says that it works toward developing forestry culture by fomenting "a consciousness about the caretaking, preservation and sustainable exploitation of forests" (our translation; CONAFOR 2006).
CONAFOR said the fire burned through pastures, dead leaves, bushes, and trees in 10 sections of the forest.
The majority of the surface affected by fires is concentrated in Coahuila," said the CONAFOR director.
Research done by CONAFOR shows that dual cropping works well in the Yucatan and promotes economic and environmental interests.
In a report released on April 24, CONAFOR reported fire damage on only 16,000 hectares around the country between January and late April.
The dry conditions and the potential for fire have prompted CONAFOR and the Comisión Nacional de Recursos Naturales (CORENA) to launch campaigns to educate the public to prevent forest fires.
CONAFOR and SEMARNAT officials project more than 14,000 fires in Mexico during the entire year, compared with the recent annual average of 10,000 fires since 1998.
In contrast, Mexico suffered one of its worst fire seasons in 1998, when about 800,000 ha were destroyed, said CONAFOR director Manuel Reed Segovia.
CONAFOR said fires have also been a problem in other southern and central states like Tabasco, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Queretaro, Michoacan, and Veracruz.