CONAMConsejo Nacional del Ambiente (Spanish: National Environmental Council; Peru)
CONAMConfederação Nacional das Associações de Moradores (Portuguese: National Confederation of Neighborhood Associations; Brazil)
CONAMCommittee on Native American Ministries (United Methodist Church)
CONAMConsensus Networking on Alternative Methods (EU)
CONAMConcept of Night Aircraft Maintenance
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Bill Binford, the company's North Slope area manager, says CONAM launched its operations in 1984 with substantive oil patch contracts that blossomed into fiber optic and communication installations, pipeline corrosion and repair work, specialized civil construction, and module installation and revamp work at major oil and gas facilities across the North Slope.
In 2009, CONAM was purchased by Quanta Services, Inc.
Los conceptos de ordenamiento ambiental y territorial se exponen en la Ley de Conservacion y Aprovechamiento de biodiversidad; el de ordenamiento ambiental en la Ley del CONAM y en la Ley Organica para el Aprovechamiento Sostenible de los Recursos Naturales.
El desarrollo de una educacion ambiental integral y transversal necesita, de acuerdo al CONAM (s.
In early January, CONAM Construction built 11 miles of ice road with three ice bridges and two large ice pads; one on each side of the Susitna River that flows into the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet.
Y el comportamiento debil del CONAM no ha hecho sino contribuir a este sentimiento.
Last year CONAM made a concentrated effort to expand our construction services to the mining industry in Alaska, resulting in completed projects throughout the state to include work at Red Dog, Kensington, Fort Knox, and Pogo mines which included electrical, civil, and mechanical work" Kissee says.
to automate their job costing process throughout their CONAM Division.
On the North Slope, CONAM Construction Company began the ConocoPhillips Drill Site 2-S (Shark's Tooth) On-Pad Facility project in March.
For general construction services, the project turned to CONAM Construction Co.
In 2009-2010, according to Alaska oil and gas field general contractor CONAM Construction Co.
There's some speculating that it will be good for Alaska, and some saying it might be bad," said Bob Stinson, president of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, and also president of CONAM Construction Co.