CONAMAComision Nacional del Medio Ambiente (Chilean National Commission for the Environment)
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Os resultados do pH das aguas nao apresentaram variacoes significativas, atendendo a Resolucao 357/2005 do CONAMA.
In the end, CONAMA asked the company only to submit the new disposal system design for SEIA approval and to respond to questions about several other irregularities (including an unreported increase in production).
In an action announced as a step toward that goal, CONAMA commissioned Chile's Austral University (UACh) to conduct a study of the swans' deaths.
CONAMA has not released any technical opinions about the matter.
108) The prerequisites for environmental clearance were: a signed MOU between the Company and IFC, witnessed by local stakeholders; an EMP for expansion of operations at the Xan field that had been reviewed and accepted by CONAMA, CONAP and that adheres to the MOU; assurance that the EMP was incorporated, in its entirety, into the investment agreement and became a condition of the loan and enforceable under Guatemalan law; and agreement by the Company to contribute funds to the management of Laguna del Tigre.
109) Representatives of USAID-Guatemala, CONAMA, CONAP, and the Guatemalan Attorney General's office also attended the June 21 meeting.
Accusations that the Frei government put a higher priority on continued economic growth than on environmental integrity haunt CONAMA and the Chilean government.
There are twelve regional commissions (COREMA I-XII) that administer CONAMA authority throughout Chile.
CONAMA has responded to the permit application with questions from various interested parties as a part of the process.
Andina's Coca-Cola trucks using AFS' Eagle technology have been confirmed as part of the monitoring program of the national pilot and traffic permits for the trucks have been granted by CONAMA and SEREMI.
Monitoring of the pilot buses has begun and an interim report will be released by CONAMA and INTENDENCIA in the upcoming weeks.