CONAPConsejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas (Guatemala)
CONAPContinuation of Nicotine Augmentation Project
CONAPConfederación de Nacionalidades Amazónicos del Perú (Spanish: Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities of Peru)
CONAPContinuing Appropriation (Philippines)
References in classic literature ?
Yes, madame," said Raoul courageously, notwithstanding the signs which Christine made to him.
Forth of the greenwood are they gone, Yea, all courageously, Resolving to bring Stutely home, Or every man to die.
replied Passepartout courageously, in his turn retiring from the car, and leaving the Elder to preach to vacancy.
Raoul stopped, bit his lips, and then with the blood mantling in his face, he said, courageously, -- "One word of explanation, I beg, monsieur.
He is very ill, but he makes his present stand against distress of mind and body most courageously.
It could be nothing but the violence of the wind penetrating through the divisions of the shutters; and she stepped boldly forward, carelessly humming a tune, to assure herself of its being so, peeped courageously behind each curtain, saw nothing on either low window seat to scare her, and on placing a hand against the shutter, felt the strongest conviction of the wind's force.
Yet not a sound escaped her as she peered courageously in our direction; neither did one of us move; but the hall clock went on and on, every tick like the beat of a drum to bring the house about our ears, until a minute must have passed as in some breathless dream.
Phellion courageously escorted the fallen man to his home, expressing his feelings of respectful admiration; then he returned to the office, and took up his work, satisfied with his own conduct in rendering these funeral honors to the neglected and misjudged administrative talent.
She had looked her duty courageously in the face and found it a friend--as duty ever is when we meet it frankly.
Maston courageously menaced them with his steel hook, but he only succeeded in frightening some pelicans and teal, while tall flamingos stared stupidly at the party.
Finn called out to him to go away, and as he persisted in coming nearer, she hit him courageously with her umbrella over the head and, without once looking back, ran like the wind with the perambulator as far as the first house in the village.
Both together will they not be the best defenders of the whole soul and the whole body against attacks from without; the one counselling, and the other fighting under his leader, and courageously executing his commands and counsels?