CONAPOConsejo Nacional de Población (Spanish: National Council of Population; Mexico)
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This means that the government will have to create at least 11 million additional jobs during the next decade, CONAPO said.
In the past decade, Mexico received more than US$39 billion in funds sent by Mexican emigrants," CONAPO secretary- general Rodolfo Tuiran told the daily newspaper Reforma.
CONAPO said the decline in the birth rate, along with an increase in life expectancy, means the Mexican population will increasingly become older.
In a report also published in early May, CONAPO recognized that fighting Mexico's poverty rate is a "formidable challenge.
It is not only the violence [that is promoting migration]," said CONAPO director Patricia Chemor.
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The CONAPO immigration report and Fox's continued efforts to negotiate with President Bush in the midst of the US War on Terror reinforced border controls as a top priority on the Mexican agenda.
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Migration to the resorts in Quintana Roo is expected to continue at a steady pace in coming years, which means that Cancun and the Riviera Maya need to generate 30,000 jobs each year to satisfy the growth of the economically active population (EAP), said CONAPO.