CONCAWECONservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe
CONCAWEEuropean Oil Company Organisation for Environment, Health and Safety (Belgium)
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All vehicles that can operate on CNG (compressed natural gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas) can run on LBM, however LBM offers a reduction in CO2 emissions which is twice that of natural gas (source:JEC2006 and CONCAWE studies).
The Nynas group is engaged in environmental work within the oil industry organisation CONCAWE and the European Chemical Industry Federation CEFIC.
In downstream operations, the company also ranks as the safest petroleum company for 1998 and 1997 in data published by CONCAWE, a European downstream industry organization.
Based on employee and contractor accident rates, according to CONCAWE, the European oil industry organization monitoring health, safety and environment performance, Conoco also has been among the safest companies in the European downstream oil industry since 1997.