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CONCEPTConsolidated Community Emissions Processing Tool (emissions modeling)
CONCEPTConsortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
CONCEPTConsortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training (est. 1984)
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RENAULT NEPTA CONCEPT: This four-seat cabriolet is a sign of things to come at Renault, according to Patrick le Quement, head of the French automaker's design studio, who characterizes the concept as "in perfect keeping with Renault's long tradition in body design" thanks to its unique gull wing doors that stretch the length of the entire body.
While it is certainly true that a person's actual behaviour may partake one day of one concept and another day of the other (we all have our failings or idiosyncrasies), to suggest that, conceptually, there is a third "halfway" is nonsense.
Over the years, Toyota has used this occasion to unveil a wide variety of concept vehicles and groundbreaking technologies.
In one situation, people thought we were telling companies that our development concept would be purchased and fielded by the Air Force without competition, so we modified our conversational style to avoid the misinterpretation.
Its wager with the concept has meant, in principle, not only rejecting particular aesthetic indulgences but denying aesthetic experience as such.
WHAT A CONCEPT In an age of information overload, it would be nice for people to have a simple, concise way to tease out the information they really want from, say, the World Wide Web.
A concept map consists of hierarchically arranged nodes or cells that contain a concept, item or question and labeled links.
Hence, the part is a main concept that can be associated with a great deal of manufacturing knowledge related to GD&T.