CONDECConsolidated Diesel Electric Company
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CONDEC operates through an administrative structure, the Departamento de Defesa Civil (DEDEC, Department of Civil Defence), which in turn oversees a hierarchy of agencies at the regional level through the Coordenadorias Regionais de Defesa Civil (CORDEC, Regional Coordination of Civil Defence), at the state level via the Coordenadorias Estaduais de Defesa Civil (CEDEC, State Coordination of Civil Defence), and finally, at the municipal level through the Coordenadorias Municipais de Defesa Civil (COMDEC, Municipal Coordination of Civil Defence) (Secretaria Nacional de Defesa Civil 1995, Sec.
The introduction of the Duo module expands the list of A2DP condecs available to Bluetooth-equipped APx Series audio analyzers to AAC, aptX, aptX-HD, aptX-LL, and SBC.