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Major organization : COMMUNE DE CONDOM (21320107200153)
The condom riddle first appeared in an article entitled "An Algorithm prevents the Propagation of Certain Diseases at Minimum Cost".
An unprecedented collection of condom use studies, published in the journal Sexual Health, provides a global perspective on condom use problems and errors, along with new research on factors influencing correct condom use, how condom use programs can be more effective, and the promotion of the female condom.
oilbased lubricants can damage latex and make condoms split.
The box takes the typical condom package in a new direction," says Carrozza.
Although this is the first large-scale condom distribution campaign conducted in a U.
As stated by Dr Khumalo, there are interventions that reduce condom failure and there are now brief counselling interventions that increase condom uptake and proper use in STI patients tested in South Africa.
as saying that the moral principle of double effect justifies the use of a condom by a married couple, one of whom is infected with HIV.
The promoters may pay lip service to condom use--and may even provide condoms--in order to get their parties listed in local gay nightlife weeklies, but behind the doors of their private apartments, anything goes, including a lot of unsafe sex and illegal drug use.
To assess condom effectiveness, Seattle researchers focused on 82 female college students who had their first sexual intercourse during the study or within 2 weeks before it started.
During that period, in the 50 villages studied in the Rakai district, the percentage of men with more than one sexual partner somewhat increased, condom use greatly increased but to well tinder 100%, and the incidence of new HIV infections remained relatively stable.