CONDUSEFComisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (Spanish: National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services; Mexico)
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The electoral watchdog Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) is also working with CONDUSEF to develop a mechanism to help prevent identity theft.
CONDUSEF president Mario Di Costanzo said some businesses have also implemented safeguards to prevent identity theft, which has kept the problem from becoming worse.
10) La CONDUSEF podra suscribir convenios de intercambio de informacion con otras autoridades financieras.
Moreover, any complaint brought by a debtor isn't likely to be sanctioned by CONDUSEF, as they turn the complaint over to the APCOB, with recommendations for that organization to follow through with any sanctions, which Hernandez described as "very relative.
CONDUSEF director Mario Di Costanzo praised the consumer-protection provisions of the legislation, including the proposed new system to resolve disputes between consumers and financial institutions and other measures that strongly protect users of the banking system.
CONDUSEF statistics confirm that costs are much higher for customers in Mexico than for counterparts in the home countries of the banks.
CONDUSEF officials say the collection methods employed by the banks and the attorneys they have hired at times cross the line.
A 15-month study published by CONDUSEF in September 2004 said fees for checking accounts and credit and debit withdrawals are "significantly higher" in Mexico than in other countries.
They should not see that as an expenditure, since those resources will be recovered when clients regain confidence in the system and begin to use its services," said CONDUSEF vice president Fernando Villarreal y Puga.
Con el objetivo de evitar conflictos de interes, se crea el Consejo de Pensiones, conformado por 19 miembros; 6 representantes de los trabajadores; 6 representantes de las empresas; 6 representantes de las Afores y 1 voto del presidente de la CONDUSEF, destacando que los representantes de las administradoras solo tendran derecho a voz y no a voto en sus respectivas sesiones, y en caso de empate, el presidente de la CONDUSEF tendra voto de calidad.