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CONIComitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (Italian Olympic Committee)
CONICommon Nighthawk (bird species Chordeiles minor)
CONICare of the Next Infant (UK)
CONICost Of Non-Investment
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However, the CoNI findings also found that there were acts of "police brutality" which occurred over the days in February when Nasheed was ousted from power.
Alison was instrumental in setting up CONI and has lead the team since the programme began in 1988.
The CAS Panel has confirmed the existence of the infractions committed by the athlete, which had already been stated by CONI, with the exception of the violation of article 2.
In Italy, the State has assigned to CONI all regulatory powers in the sports sector.
Robert Beagan, a packaging consultant and label professional with LogoTech USA of Fairfield, NJ, was invited by Coni to join Kate and her to overcome some labeling problems.
The 22-year-old, who won the silver medal in the foil at the 2006 and 2007 world championships, tested positive for the diuretic furosemide during the European fencing championship in Kiev last month, a CONI spokesman confirmed.
A statement from CONI read: "The anti-doping tribunal has ordered the athlete Riccardo Ricco to be immediately suspended from all competition.
Marta Bastianelli has betrayed CONI, the federation and the world of cycling," he said.
It prompted violence on the terraces at the game between Atalanta and AC Milan in Bergamo while, later in the day, fans in Rome armed with batons and stones attacked one of the police units in the vicinity of the Stadio Olimpico before then raiding the Coni headquarters.
In the meantime, newlyweds Randy and Coni Brooks moved from a dairy farm in nearby Grand Junction to New Mexico, where Randy became a saddlemaker.
Of the 6,373 children who had completed the CONI programme by December 1999, 57 died - nine were inevitable and 48 were unexplained.