CONPLANoperation plan in concept format (US DoD)
CONPLANConcept Of Operation Plan
CONPLANConcept of Plan
CONPLANConcept Plan
CONPLANContingency Plan
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There's nothing that says that they can't use CONPLAN 8022 in limited scenarios against Russian and Chinese targets.
The CONPLAN charges the FBI with identifying, acquiring and planning the use of resources, and with anticipating, preventing, and/or resolving a threat or act of terrorism through law enforcement means.
To ensure the policy in PDD-39 and PDD-62 is implemented in a coordinated manner, the CONPLAN is designed to provide overall guidance to Federal, State and local agencies concerning how the Federal government would respond to a potential or actual terrorist threat or incident that occurs in the United States, particularly one involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
Joint strategic planning products include, but are not limited to, GCC estimates, base plans, OPLANs, CONPLANs, warning orders, planning orders, alert orders, operation orders (OPORD), execute orders, fragmentary orders, and deployment orders, along with all annexes including the newly mandated Annex W.
The cost of developing the CONPLAN, OPLANs, and staffing of certified dual-status commanders is negligible.
The following departments and agencies agree to support the overall concept of operations of the CONPLAN in order to carry out their assigned responsibilities under PDD-39 and PDD-62.
Although not formally designated under the CONPLAN, other Federal departments and agencies may have authorities, resources, capabilities, or expertise required to support response operations.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CONPLAN 0300/0400
The CONPLAN establishes a range of threat levels determined by the FBI that serve to frame the nature and scope of the Federal response.
Operations under the CONPLAN will then stand down, while operations under other Federal plans may continue to assist State and local governments with recovery.
Each Federal agency will discontinue emergency response operations under the CONPLAN when advised that their assistance is no longer required in support of the FBI, or when their statutory responsibilities have been fulfilled.
For the purposes of the CONPLAN, there are two lead agencies, the FBI for Crisis Management and FEMA for Consequence Management.