CONSAcompetence network for simulation applications
CONSAConsular Shipping Advisor
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Figure 3 presents the overall CONSA negotiation process.
In contrast, to detect type-2 conflicts, CONSA uses role constraints that explicitly specify the maintenance goals for the successful performance of the role.
For example, the warrants shown here, extracted from STEAM'S role relationships, are used in CONSA.
Three techniques are used in CONSA to reduce resources used in argumentation and enhance its real-time performance (shown in steps 2b and 3d of figure 3).
Because this conflict is of type 1, the argument from M1 is communicated to the entire team of pilot agents, which causes all members (including M1) to establish a team operator (resolve-joint-conflict); the team has thus entered the argumentation stage of CONSA.
CONSA is currently realized in the SOAR architecture in 109 rules.
CONSA differs from this work in its explicit exploitation of the team setting in argumentation.