CONSOBCommissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy)
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The disclosure regarding the details of the mandatory tender offer has been made in Italy in compliance with Italian financial law and CONSOB regulations.
CONSOB is the public authority responsible for regulating the Italian securities market and protecting the investing public.
Total quantity or scope: The estimated total value of 445 000 is for the entire contract period (1 + 1 three-year period of possible renewal for a total of five years) and is divided as follows Lot 1 235 000, of which 85 000 for AGCM and EUR 150 000 for CONSOB; Lot 2 210 000 EUR of which 85 000 for AGCM and 125 000 per CONSOB.
Open procedure, divided into two lots separately adjudicated, for custody of the service covering the care plan for current employees and retired employees and their families, respectively, of the CONSOB (lot 1) and the Italian Antitrust Authority (lot 2).
For each batch its contractor will pay a performance bond in favor, respectively, of CONSOB for Lot 1 and Lot 2 AGCM for guaranteeing all contractual obligations, in accordance with art.