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CONSTRUCTComputer-Aided Knowledge Engineering for Construction Tasks
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CDA references 1997 federal cabinet decision in letter asking NHA to construct underpasses
Beheira will seek to construct 55,400 units, with an addition 1,100 units converted, totalling 56,500 throughout the governorate, while the Matruh governorate will seek to construct 4,100 new units, with an additional 200 being converted, bringing the total number to 4,300.
The researchers state that in a future scenario, cartilage constructs could be clinically applied by using an MRI scan of a body part, such as the knee, as a blueprint for creating a matching construct.
Construct validity describes the instrument's ability to measure what it is supposed to measure.
A construct (or construction) is, as the name indicates, something that is constructed rather than an observed event.
Since multiple items were collected per construct, scale scores were created using a mean of the items for estimation of each construct.
Through factor analysis, previous research has indicated that a single latent construct accounts for the majority of the variance in students' night-sky watching attitudes, interests, and self-reported behaviors (Kelly, 2003; Kelly & Kelly, 2003).
He suggests that all machines that we construct and buy are, hopefully, trivial machines.
Runner last month introduced legislation that could ask voters to approve $38 billion worth of funding over the next 10 years to construct new schools, from elementary through higher education facilities.
In line with other engineering competitions, in which students construct elaborate bridges and towers out of Popsicle sticks or build containers to protect eggs from high falls, iGEM is intended to stoke students' creative fires.
Brott, 2001), constructivist applications to co-construct, de-construct, and construct the client's life story are presented.