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CONTENDCongress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy (Philippines)
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A core area of focus for Mosaic and Contend will be building out "Contender," a proprietary content intelligence tool that maps and understands audiences and the stories that inspire and engage them.
Founded in the spring of 2014, Contend specializes in creating, producing and distributing data-driven content to deliver measurable business results.
Executive VP of digital for Tribune Publishing, Bill Adee, said : "Our partnership with Contend marries our deep reach with advertisers with Contend s exceptional storytelling capabilities, sTogether, we provide marketers with short- and long-form storytelling solutions that engage and activate audiences.
Richmond Project Exile officials contend that with a simplified structure, redesigned operational rules, streamlined forms, and on expedited reporting system, any manager can implement this project in several weeks.
I would further contend that many critics have too readily ascribed various characters' positions to Hopkins's own voice and fail to recognize the complexity with which Hopkins represents race, gender, sexuality, morality, nationality, religion, and class.
Law Bulletin Publishing contends that reductions in renewal income and new orders cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In a short epilogue, the authors discuss the whole notion of value, and contend that the fundamental challenge facing corporations today is to create "new systems of information, measurement and reporting that properly identify what creates value.
The real problem, many observers contend, is in "peering points" the places where the backbones connect to one another.
He asserts that "there are no artificial barriers left to women's achievement," and that racism and sexism today "are mere wisps of their former selves, except when it comes to white, heterosexual males," Indeed, in his view, "it would be difficult to contend that, the end of racial segregation aside, American culture today is as healthy as the culture of the 1950s" The 1950s?
The McMurrays' July 28 claims contend that a letter written in September 2003 from Burbank Chief Assistant City Attorney Juli Scott to LAPD Chief William Bratton unfairly accused James McMurray of misconduct in connection with his wife's lawsuit.
Promoters of charitable split-dollar insurance transactions contend that a taxpayer participating in such a transaction is entitled to a charitable contribution deduction under Sec.