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CONTESTCounter-Terrorism Strategy (UK government)
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This contest excites great interest in the metropolis, sir?
And what, Sir,' said Pott--'what, Sir, let me ask you as an impartial man, is the state of the public mind in London, with reference to my contest with the INDEPENDENT?
But, suitors, as the contest has been agreed upon, let it go forward.
You others, therefore, who are stronger than I, make trial of the bow and get this contest settled.
Lastly, there is the famous story of the contest in song at Chalcis.
cried Don Pedro, with a tinge of color upon his pale cheeks, "win who will, this has been a most notable contest.
These ten chosen archers should then enter a contest for an open target--three shots apiece--and here any other bowman whatsoever was asked to try his skill.
And, thank Heaven, our country need not be ashamed of her sons,--of most of them at least,-- whatever side they took in the Revolutionary contest.
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The Socialist and Communist literature of France, a literature that originated under the pressure of a bourgeoisie in power, and that was the expression of the struggle against this power, was introduced into Germany at a time when the bourgeoisie, in that country, had just begun its contest with feudal absolutism.
It beats and throbs like a pulsating heart within her iron ribs, and when it stops, the steamer, whose life is not so much a contest as the disdainful ignoring of the sea, sickens and dies upon the waves.
A man must be far gone in Utopian speculations who can seriously doubt that, if these States should either be wholly disunited, or only united in partial confederacies, the subdivisions into which they might be thrown would have frequent and violent contests with each other.