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5-Mb cosmid contig of the CMTIA duplication/HNPP deletion critical region in 17p11.
The contig CL17Contig2 and singleton NEF-17-3a_H05 were homologous to xylose isomerase from Piromyces sp.
Contig 15327 matches mammalian opn4 with an E value of 3e-20 (Fig.
2] resistance gene is unclear, the Pi-k resistance gene or factors are yet to be identified, and because the markers we developed for these two resistance genes are not yet physically mapped onto ungapped contigs, it is presently not possible to determine physical distances among the markers and the Pi-k and Pi-[ta.
When two sequences are the same, it overlays them and starts to assemble a sequence contig similar to a clone contig.
Finally, the contigs and singletons were analyzed with NCBI local BLAST (Altschul et al.
We now report on the properties (cDNA lengths, EST number, contig formation) and sequence diversity of this collection, and on our success in obtaining sequences of interest for developmental and evolutionary studies.
Porcine expressed sequence tags (ESTs) sequences (GenBank: BE014034, DY425421, DY421524) homologous to the human orthologous genes (GenBank: NM_ 145071) were selected and two ESTs (DY425421 and DY421524) were assembled into a contig sequence.
A hybrid Illumina/MinION de novo assembly of 122262 constructed by using SPAdes yielded 15 contigs with the largest contig spanning the first 2.
Unqualified reads containing sequencing primers were removed, and fragments were spliced de novo using the scaffolding contig algorithm of CLC Genomics Workbench 6.