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12 October 2016 - Canadian brewer Molson Coors Brewing Company (NYSE: TAP) (TSX: TPX) has closed its acquisition of UK brewer SABMiller plc's (LSE: SAB; JSE: SAB) 58% stake in MillerCoors LLC, the joint venture formed in the United States and Puerto Rico by both companies in 2008, the company said.
Coors family members have donated more than $40,000 of his $241,000 in itemized contributions.
Coors, owner of US brewer Coors Brewing, earned pounds 43 million compared with pounds 32 million a year earlier.
Scott Coors was fuming at the injustice of not being able to buy his family's brand of beer at the Midnight Sun?
He landed a job with Coors in 1984 in the research and development department.
In many ways, Coors is a seven-year-old, 127-year-old company that's learned the absolute importance of developing people and building a solid team to be competitive in a brutally tough industry.
So when the conservative Family Research Council--the folks behind "National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day"--recently named Coors one of the "Twelve Top Corporate Sponsors of Homosexuality," we wondered if maybe the folks at the council hadn't polished off a few too many six packs.
But after sharing the results of its review with public authorities, Coors discovered a significant downside to self-auditing.
One of the major right-wing donors is the Coors family, which owns the Adolph Coors Company and its subsidiaries, the Coors Brewing Company, the Coors Technology companies, and the Coors Porcelain Company.
Despite rating first among Coors' machine suppliers in 1987 and second in 1988, Coors cut its orders with Great American to 40%, and by 1990, had canceled all purchases with the firm.