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COPALCenter on Peace and Liberty (Oakland, CA)
COPALConception d'Outils pour l'Apprentissage des Langues (French: Design Tools for Language Learning; Stendhal University, France)
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GE Capital, and Goldman Sachs, Copal Partners provides financial research outsourcing and consulting services through client-specific proprietary products.
In an evolving market environment, the expertise of Societe Generale Private Banking, combined with the strong capabilities of Copal Partners, will provide high net worth individuals with access to the best advice in equity markets.
The congealed sap was not burned for incense as copal was, nor was it batted around a Maya ball court like rubber, but chicle did produce value beyond the pure addictive pleasure of moving one's mouth.
Here, in this port, lie as if many elephants taking a rest, piles and piles of bags of corn, peanuts, copal, rubber, sorghum, millet, rice, and especially palm oil nuts, coming from the inside of Africa; everything covered in large waterproofed batches, was waiting to be shipped to Europe, the white man's country, this dream country for the African person and from where come so good and beautiful things; against all these things, there were several boxes of all sizes, also covered in water proof batches, waiting to be shipped to High Congo, the heart of this "incognita land," the land of troglodytes, who today, because of the Great Belgian Monarch, Leopold II, properly channelled Europe's wild interest into the land (Tchibamba 1982: 43-44).
One gram of Manila Copal was stirred on a magnetic stirrer in 100 mL of the investigated solvent at room temperature, and the time measured until the whole copal was fully dissolved.
sandarac (polycommunic acid polymer), Congo copal (labdanoid polymer with enantio configuration), retinite (moderate retene amber with low succinic acid content), Prussian and Baltic ambers (from Pinites succinifera), Liquidambar orientalis (based on benzoic acid esters/styrene), Myrrh (triterpenoid resin) and schraufite (Lebanese amber).
The Ghanaian President, John Agyekum Kufour told delegates at the 70th Cocoa Producers' Alliance (Copal) meeting last October: "If we prioritise these objectives in our respective national development agenda, I believe we would be heading towards fulfilling the dreams of the founding members of Copal and helping to reduce poverty among a large section of the cocoa growing communities in various countries.
In the village of Chamula, I visited a Mayan Catholic church smoky with copal, the earthen floor carpeted with pine needles.
1, as the new regional edition settles in at La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires, under sponsorship of COPAL (Coordinadora de las Industrias de Productos Alimenticios).
But the end of car production at Longbridge saw the group forced to close its Copal Castings factory in Handsworth - a long-running supplier to Longbridge - with the loss of around 70 jobs.
3-million-member Epi copal Church approved the ordination of women to the priesthood.
Copal Savjani's generous donation of $500 000 to the Van Slyke Foundation for the purposes of establishing an 'AACC Past-President's Special Scholarship' in honor of my year as President of AACC overwhelms me.