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COPERColorado Partnership for Educational Renewal
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A dramatic stoneware composite vase by Hans Coper, covered in a black matt glaze.
She met Hans Coper (1920-1981) in 1946, who, like her, had fled Nazi Germany in 1939.
Low generic' copers used both active and avoidant coping strategies at a low level.
This case-control study was carried out on ten non-coper and five coper unilateral ACL-minus knees and 15 normal subjects (Table 1).
Online action should be used when appropriate," says Coper.
Pieces by Coper, who died in 1981, and Rie are probably the most expensive of all, with prices for his work hitting over the pounds 15,000 mark.
Americor LE Series of hydraulic fixed-angle notchers not only have standard triangular notches, but also coper stations, making them double-station machines.
I also used the quotations in Michael Coper, 'The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective High Court' (2003) 28 Alternative Law Journal 59, 59.
MISSOURI Makeatha Coper, HURD, SPR Grandview HS Grandview
A PRIVATE collection of the works of master ceramicists Lucie Rie and Hans Coper has been lent to Leamington art gallery.
These observations suggest the possibility of a coping style interaction effect, in which avoidant coping may be beneficial when the flexible coper uses it in combination with control-based strategies.