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COPRASCooperation Platform for Research and Standards
COPRASComplex Proportional Assessment (analyzation method)
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In addition, in this study three bank branches as our alternatives were being ranked based on their CRM performance through a relatively new MCDM method COPRAS.
By using the procedure of COPRAS, we can calculate the [S.
COPRAS method was first put forward by Zavadskas and Kaklauskas (1996).
Having performed calculations with the help of three methods (SAW, COPRAS and TOPSIS) it was determined that the best alternative to build the LNG terminal is the Kiaules Nugara island.
2012) argumentus sio darbo praktineje dalyje bus taikomas COPRAS metodas akciju investiciniam patrauklumui nustatyti.
Simanaviciene and Ustinovicius (2012) provided a benchmarking on TOPSIS, SAW and COPRAS methods.
COPRAS (COmplex PRoportional ASsessment) is an MCDM technique that is employed by different researchers in order to solve many various problems.
Is 5 lenteles matyti, kad, esant skirtingoms tikslo funkcijoms, gaunami skirtingi deriniai, todel, siekiant galutinio sprendimu priemimo, yra pasirinkti SAW, MEW ir COPRAS daugiakriteriai sprendimu priemimo metodai, atliekama siu metodu lyginamoji analize.
Redevelopment alternatives of derelict rural buildings were analysed applying TOPSIS, COPRAS, VIKOR methods (Antucheviciene et al.