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COPSECouncil on Post-Secondary Education
COPSECroydon Outdoor Pursuits and Social Events Club (UK)
COPSECollaborative Project Support Environment
COPSEClusters of Orthologous and Paralogous SEquences
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The sun was setting behind a thick forest, and in the glow of sunset the birch trees, dotted about in the aspen copse, stood out clearly with their hanging twigs, and their buds swollen almost to bursting.
From the thickest parts of the copse, where the snow still remained, came the faint sound of narrow winding threads of water running away.
It was quite still now in the copse, and not a bird was stirring.
I instantly became sure she had just come out of the copse.
Then he sprang quickly into the copse, and the colonel, who had fallen into a deep reverie, followed him mechanically.
Never had his gold been so golden, his azure so dazzlingly clear and deep as on this particular May morning; while his fancy simply ran riot in the marginal decorations of woodland and spinney, quaint embroidered flowers and copses full of exquisitely painted and wonderfully trained birds of song.
What you did on that dark, damp night was to attack a vulnerable, lone female in the early evening on a quiet residential street near to a cut that took a pathway into a copse.
Upstairs the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and French doors that open to a Juliet balcony overlooking the gardens and copse.
The building on Copse Walk offers the advantages of good quality office accommodation and additionally the possibility of a self contained building that could be used for a nursery facility with dedicated outside playing area.
Groups will be receiving either a small pack of 105 trees or a large pack of 420 trees, available in four different themes: year-round colour, wood fuel, wildlife or wild harvest, all of which can be planted as hedging, small woods or copses to fit best within neighbourhood spaces.
Gardeners have also introduced red campion, nettle-leafed bellflowers, greater stitchwort, foxglove and agrimony to the copse.
Regardless of the expense to the taxpayer, they wish to turn a pleasant copse into flattened scrubland, which will remain barren for years.