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COPTCorporate Office Properties Trust (Columbia, MD)
COPTCaptain of the Port (US Coast Guard)
COPTCoin-Operated Pay Telephone
COPTCouncil on Police Training (Delaware)
COPTCompleted Procedure Turn
COPTCircum Oval Precipitin Test
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Copts practice a form of Christianity that hearkens back to the earliest traditions of the church.
Many Copts and Muslims in America are very successful, but some are less fortunate.
Scott contends that these differences should be seen in light of development and change, although secular Muslims and many Copts tend to view these frequent changes of leadership and ideologies from conservative to moderate and back again as a political ploy by the Brotherhood, who want to reach political control at any price and wouldn't hesitate to use deception of the public to achieve such goals.
To get a good score at Copt Heath, he says, you need to start well.
A few years have passed since there was a home winner in this competition and there are three local candidates this time: Alex Stevenson, of Whittington Heath, Dean Lake, of Moor Hall and Sam Hufton, of Copt Heath.
The aim of those involved in the attack was to kill the largest numbers of Copts possible.
Copts account for an estimated six to 10 percent of Egypt's 80-million population.
Contract notice: University of cologne conveyors-bv new construction and analysis center copt.
The problem for any Coptic candidate is to run under the individual system, particularly with the new division of constituencies that makes it difficult for a Copt to gather votes," said the Coptic thinker Gamal Assad, noting that the only hope was to include Copts on the lists of some parties.
Today, more than in the past, being a Copt is both a religious affiliation and an adherence to a different way of life.
SUE Nicholson, of Copt Heath, was given a tremendous battle by 13-year-old Alexandra Price before reaching the Jast eight of the Warwickshire Women's Golf Championship at Edgbaston today.